Sunday, October 26, 2008

Draft Promo Video

Here is my draft promo video - can I have your honest feedback, ideas for improvement please?
thanks! regards Candy


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy, love it, well done, one of the better ones I've seen. It is real, heartfelt, simple and short.

Some nitpicking?

1. We can only read part of your sign
2. The background could be better. Somewhere warmer; where people won't be walking past.
3. The outcomes they will get from your program needs to be more specific
4. The opening shot, the still, needs to be of you. Also, an early shot of one of the audience: her expression could be taken as smirking
5. Finally, the really big one: much more impact if someone else, a client, says it. Has 10 times the impact of you saying it.

But, think is great, well done,

Cheers, Toby

Kate said...

Hi Candy,
I really like your warm, genuine tone. The 'you' we see here is the 'you' I know; a definite plus when it comes to promos!

Toby has covered many of my points so I'll add only new ones.

1. There is a shot with you against a purple background (in a seminar) where the slide behind you reads " an ass(et)". Maybe worth a small edit?
2. The comment about roleplays has a slightly negative tone that I feel undermines the rest of the content a bit. Roleplays can be fun (as I have discovered) and a great way to learn. Can you convey how you make them enjoyable and not scary?

Nice job overall.